Efforts to improve food security in the country are in jeopardy as the sector is severely underfunded despite being a key driver to the economic growth, contributing 33 percent to the gross domestic product in 2017.

The challenge of under-funding adds to shrinking land sizes, soil degradation, and climate change that have cut the productivity of crops, making it more difficult to feed the rising population, which is set to hit the 50 million mark in 2020, according to government estimates.

The policymakers at the national level will have to come up with appropriate policies to ensure adequate food production in the country. This should be backed by political goodwill to ensure that youth and women are included in the production and value-addition chain for the transformation of the sector to be sustainable.

In addition, funds intended for agriculture should not be subjected to political interference and diverted to fund other activities such as the construction of roads by government officials in order to gain political mileage as these activities are more visible compared to agriculture.

Farmers should be equipped with high quality and affordable fertilizers, adoption of new agricultural technologies and adequate researches, failure to which food security will remain a big challenge.

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Regional countries have formed a consortium that will build partnerships between local academic institutions and national medicine regulatory authorities as it sought to strengthen the region’s drug safety and post-marketing surveillance system for medicines.

The participating countries (Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya) have launched the program that will monitor drugs released into the market to ensure that they are of right quality as per a given prescription to avoid further side effects as may arise due to affectivity of the drugs.

Under the project dubbed “Pharmacovigilance Infrastructure and Post-marketing surveillance System Capacity building for Regional Medicine Regulatory Harmonization “, will train pharmacists and other medical personnel on safety, particularly the collection, analysis, monitoring and prevention of adverse effects of drugs and therapies.

Among the drugs, the project is expected to monitor are the HPV vaccine rollout in Ethiopia and a mass drug administration campaign targeting lymphatic filariasis or elephantiasis in the coastal counties of Kenya.

According to Prof Ellen Aklillu of the Karolinska Institutet-one of the partners of the project-little is known about the safety levels of drugs released for large-scale use on the continent after clinical trials targeting small population.

Additionally, the drugs were often given to target population in mass drug administration and vaccination campaign without pre-screening.

Therefore there is need for follow up on drugs given for an individual to find out what happens for instance if a patient is taking drugs for TB and he or she has other conditions.

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Harnessing data, awareness and investment to tackle Africa’s wastewater woes in Kenya slums

Large informal settlements on the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya are common. In this places, residents use the flowing waters around them on their daily duties. The nasty smell from the water does not deter them from using it given that they have no choice……until a clean and better option is provided to them.

Many mothers use the polluted water to cook and wash but never had peace because their children fell sick several times frequently. It seems that the water had a negative effect on them. The mothers stated that their children would complain of stomachache until they began treating the water that has they have seen a difference.

However this is a big menace in Africa and 700 million people lack basic sanitation, and 300 million lack access to improved drinking water sources, according to the 2017 World Water Development Report. Wastewater can contain dangerous chemicals, pharmaceutical, microplastics and pathogens which are very hazardous for people and animals who consume it, and for the environment.

This problem has increased due to challenges like poor infrastructure, lack of reliable data, poor governance with weak enforcement of legislation and low levels of investment.

However, wastewater can be ecologically and economically beneficial because some minerals can be recovered for agricultural use as fertilizer and reusing treated wastewater relieves pressure on increasingly scare clean freshwater sources.

UNEP, together with other partners is looking towards starting to raise awareness and develop solutions, through a joint project named The wastewater management and sanitation provision in Africa: An Opportunity for Private and Public Sector Investment.

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Kenyan First Lady Expands Her Campaigns Across Africa.

Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta has increased her engagements in efforts to end Child and Maternal deaths not only in Kenya but also across Africa.

Speaking when she officially opened the second International Conference on Maternal, New-born and Child Health (MNCH) in Nairobi, she said that the goal of ending the deaths by 2030 is not out of reach, but added that more is needed to be done for the continent to achieve zero maternal and child deaths.

The conference, which was held last week in Nairobi under the African Union Commission, brought together more than 1,000 delegates, technical experts and government health officials from 25 African countries.

The three-day event deliberated on several issues, including leadership, accountability and governance for MNCH, early infant diagnosis of HIV; a continental priority for an Aids-free generation, sexual reproductive health and rights and breaking the cycle of early marriages as key to ending teen pregnancies, among other health issues affecting women, girls and children in Africa.

The theme of the conference was ‘Maintaining Momentum and Focus Towards Ending Preventable Maternal and Child Deaths by 2030’.

This comes two weeks later after she opened a state-of -art maternity costing Ksh 500 million on October 17th 2018 in Nakuru county that will steer her beyond zero campaign forward.

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そのためケニアでは、Pumwani Maternity Hospitalという施設で「牛乳バンク」を開始する準備を整えた。

PATHの「牛乳バンク」プロジェクトの担当者Angela Kithuaさんは、新生児は、最初の1時間から母乳で子どもを育成すべきであることを指摘したうえで、「産後44%の母親が、子どもとすぐに隔離されてしまい、最初の1時間に母乳を提供できない」と述べている。



ケニア保健省のJackson Kioko博士は、新生児の栄養改善に向けてこれは解決すべき問題であり、「牛乳バンク」は画期的な方法だと述べている。




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Kenya has tapped into the practice a baby milk bank with a mission to save a particular group of babies.

This is in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations that “when a mother’s own breast milk is not available, the alternatives are either expressed breast milk from a donor mother or formula milk.”

This is a reality as the first human milk bank in the region being set up in Kenya is almost complete, at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

The concept follows closely the blood bank model and targets newborns who for one reason or another cannot access the mothers’ milk.

The decision to give human milk from the bank will be done through prescription by a doctor.

Some of the newborns targeted include pre-term babies and babies whose mothers for one reason or another cannot produce milk after birth. The project is a partnership between the government and PATH, an international organisation working in health innovations.

Angela Kithua, the programme officer human milk banking at PATH, says that newborns are recommended for breastfeeding within the first hour after birth. “But research shows that 44 per cent of mothers are separated from their babies immediately after birth, thus denying them the critical first hour of breastfeeding,” says Kithua.

Apart from this, pre-term babies will benefit from this initiative bearing in mind that pre-term births are the leading contributors to neonatal mortality in Kenya. It is estimated that 188,000 babies are born prematurely in Kenya.

Last year, the Ministry of Health launched guidelines on screening of human milk in the Kenya Human Milk Banking Guidelines 2017. The guidelines state: “All prospective donors are screened to ensure the safety and optimal quality of donor human milk.

Privacy and confidentiality should be maintained throughout the entire process to protect the prospective donor.” The potential donors will be screened for chronic illnesses and conditions even as their medical history is assessed.

Dr Jackson Kioko, Director of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health, asserts that this is one of the best interventions to solve nutritional challenges among newborns who cannot access breast milk.

“Of all child health interventions, human milk has the greatest potential impact on child survival but sometimes the most vulnerable infants, particularly pre-term, low birth weight and critically ill infants, have no access or have insufficient access to their mother’s own milk due to a multitude of associated factors such as maternal illness, death, disability or delayed lactation,” says Dr Kioko.

WHO notes that 20 million infants are born with a weight of less than 2.5kg, with nine out of 10 of these in developing countries. This predisposes them to growth retardation, infectious diseases and an increased probability of death during infancy and childhood.

The milk bank set up at Pumwani is almost complete with the lactation, pasteurisation and counselling rooms, and other essentials like clothes already in place.

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日本リザルツでは、12月3日(月)ルポール麹町にて「GGG+フォーラム東京:日本の知見でTICAD Zを成功に!」を開催する運びとなりました。

今回のフォーラムは、2019年8月に開催されるTICAD Zに向けて、日本政府とアフリカ各国政府、そして、学術界や企業、市民社会などが国際保健に関し、より具体的な議論を行うことで、UHCとSDGs、そして国際保健分野の実現に向けた気運を促進するために行われます。

GGG+フォーラム東京:日本の知見でTICAD Zを成功に!
日時:2018年12月3日 (月) 10:00 - 17:00
第一部:10:00 -12:00/GGG・結核・GDF・ポリオ・ワクチン 昼食:12:00-12:30 第二部:12:30-14:00/栄養 第三部:14:00 -15:50 アフリカ健康構想って何? 宣言文採択:15:50-16:00 レセプション:16:05-17:00

場所:ルポール麹町 2階 ロイヤルクリスタル ※日・英同時通訳
主催: 日本リザルツ、(一社)平和と健康の会
協力: ACTION、ビル&メリンダ・ゲイツ財団 等




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