The changing weather patterns in Kenya are worrisome. In Kenya, mid-March to the end of April comes with heavy and sufficient downpour all over.

Before the onset of any rainy period, prior planning is needed especially in urban areas and slums areas that experience related challenges any time it rains.

The flash floods that have severely affected infrastructure in the city have happened for only two weeks and the weathermen are predicting that it might last longer.

Other challenges that have been witnessed are the spread of diseases such as cholera in the city, blocking of drainage systems, flooding roads and houses among others.

Our project in Westlands Sub County also is not left behind. It will be affected in one way or the other but it's about the time we come up with clear strategies on how to counter the problems expected.

First, the digging of pit latrines for the toilets is going to be extremely hard with the rains hitting us on a daily basis. 

The healing of the bathroom walls and other cement related works are likely to face challenges. This too needs brains so that we continue with the construction works without being interrupted.

The rains have brought blessings to millions of farmers who have been waiting for it. On the other side, it is trouble for contractors who should be dashing against time


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As Result Japan team, Saturday morning will be a day to clean up the streets of Kangemi.

For a few hours, volunteers meet at the facility and split up − garbage bags in hand − working together to remove litter and waste along the Kangemi area. The result of this hard work and collaboration is a clean, litter-free area for our community to enjoy.

Besides being an eyesore, litter can disrupt the ecosystem of the environment because it can attract many different insects and rodents, and can carry diseases. This can become harmful to animals or children, who might pick up dirty trash, step on it, or even ingest it.

This trash − especially cigarette butts and flammable materials − can also start fires. Food waste can pollute area waterways and harm wildlife, as well as make our water unsafe to drink.

Through community involvement in cleanup can be a great way to create awareness in this area and can lay the groundwork for future waste-reducing efforts. A cleanup can also bring about a sense of community and responsibility to keep our homes and common areas safe and clean.

Visible results might lead to a heightened interest and involvement among community members in reducing garbage and food waste, and preserving the environment.

The cleanup is a great opportunity to beautify local common areas as well. This could be as simple as fixing up a damaged sidewalk or drainages. It is amazing how just a few minor changes can improve the look and feel of a community. You could also post signs asking neighbours, not to a litter of which we are going to do I believe.

“No matter if you are picking up litter from your own front yard or organizing a community cleanup, your little the impact will make a big difference. Let's join hands and make this day a success.”


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TB Prevalence Survey is determined to the treatment outcome for patients who have successfully completed treatment dosage.

However, so many patients have been lost either due to the neglect of health care workers or refusing of the patient to take drugs.

Other factors that contribute to this failure are the emergence of co-morbidities diseases like Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, HIV / AIDS, Alcoholism and cigarette addiction.

On a Positive note, The treatment outcome for patients at the TB clinic in Kangemi Health Center has improved tremendously with an outcome of 90 percent for the quarter period of year 2018.

This is synonym with aggressive follow up patients and progressive health talks in every clinic day by the TB Nurse and the support of results.

As the last TB, the new TB patients are registered relatively high with approximately six (6) patients. This shows relative that is still high infection rate in the Kangemi relevant partners, stakeholders, community health Volunteers and the Health Ministry Officials for TB control.

In order to eradicate TB in Kangemi, basic preventive and control measures is needed to be enhanced by mobilizing and increasing sensitization measures out of 10 liaise with partners and stakeholders in the fight against TB.

The Kangemi Health Facility has been equipped with a TB diagnostic tool called TB LAMP which has high sensitivity rate than the microscopy to aid in TB detection.


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When taking any anthropometric measurements (weight, height, waist and hip circumference, Muac), accurate reading is a must.

Such measurements are used to determine the health status of an individual which in turn is used by medical specialists in order to improve or maintain on their health status. 

Nutritionists use such measurement to determine the nutrition status of an individual and thereafter categorize if the individual is undernourished, healthy or over nourished.

This assists the nutrition specialist in encouraging the healthy individual to continue with the good nutrition practices in order to maintain their nutrition status.

They also assist in offering nutrition advice to the overweight individual on how to reduce and maintain a healthy weight.

This knowledge also helps in the prescription of food supplement to the undernourished as well as nutrition counselling on the need to improve on their nutrition status.

When all these are observed, it means each individual will get maximum assistant from the nutrition department thus improving the overall health of all citizens.



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